RetroKomp Gamedev Compo 2018

RetroKomp Gamedev Compo 2018 – konkurs który odbył się podczas imprezy RetroKomp 2018. Jak co roku organizatorem jest Tfardy (Mateusz Eckert). Kolejna edycja to 11 nowych produkcji na Amigę, Commodore 64, NESa/ Sharpa czy konsolę Dreacast.

1. Tower of Rubble 64 by K&A Plus (Commodore 64)
2. AMIner (Amiga OCS/ECS)
3. Wild PONG 4k (Amiga AGA)
4. Zwierciadlo (the Mirror) (Sharp MZ)
5. Mink Gold (Amiga OCS/ECS)
6. Super Nutmeg by Retroguru (Dreamcast)
7. Magazyn preview (Amiga OCS/ECS)
8. Familiada 2018 (Commodore 64)
9. Choctris (Amiga OCS/ECS)
9. Cybroitek (NES/Famicom)
11. Invaders (Amiga OCS/ECS)

Brothers in ATRs live at RetroKomp 2018

Brothers in ATRs live at RetroKomp 2018

Atari Falcon kontra Amiga 1200

Atari Falcon kontra Amiga 1200 – dyskusja miłośnika Amigi, redaktora naczelnego Amigazynu, autora wielu książek i publikacji Adama Zalepy z organizatorem imprezy JagNesFest, redaktorem naczelnym AtariFana a przede wszystkim naczelnym Atarowcem w Polsce Piotrem Krużyckim.

Papier jako nośnik danych

Prezentacja Krzysztofa „KAZ’a” Ziembika na imprezie RetroKomp 2018 – „Papier jako nośnik danych.”

MotionRide live at RetroKomp 2017

MotionRide live at RetroKomp 2017 – enjoy electronic dance and rock music here, some oldschool computer music (chiptunes)! More informations about MotionRide project You will finde here:…

Plany wydawnicze A2

Plany wydawnicze A2 – prezentacja prowadzona przez Adama Zalepę na imprezie RetroKomp 2017. Zapraszamy na stronę wydawnictwa:

RetroKomp Gamedev Compo 2017

RetroKomp Gamedev Compo 2017 – Competition organized by Tfardy (Mateusz Eckert). 2017 edition includes 10 new productions for Amiga, Atari, Sega Megadrive and GameBoy.


  1. „VilQ.Adventure” Axi0maT, Koyot1222, Aceman 332 pts.
  2. „Imbsbru” Proxy 3o7 pts.
  3. „CRAZY.PRIEST.EXTRA” Sordan, Aszu, JMD 3o2 pts.
  4. „BLASK” Mastaszek, Koyot1222, Groovebox 293 pts.
  5. „Openfire” KaiN, Selur, Softiron 267 pts.
  6. „Lumberjack.GB” TMK, Koyot122, JMD 255 pts.
  7. „FAST.FOOD” Jeffrey Johnson 221 pts.
  8. „AMIBOX” Phibrizzo, Leon 22o pts.
  9. „BREATHALYZER” Traq, KK, Kuba, Wieczór 183 pts.
  10. „Gielda” RISC 177 pts.

Bigger Amiga Executable Competition

LoadError 2017 – Bigger Amiga Executable Competition


  1. Zener Drive – Amiga OCS/ECS – Demo – Altair 580 pkt.
  2. Beam Riders – Amiga AGA – Demo – Ghostown and Haujobb – 558 pkt.
  3. Alien Apparat 80% – Amiga OCS/ECS – Demo – AceMan and Carrion – 488 pkt.
  4. CrapTro 4: Don’t let craptro win the compo – Amiga OCS/ECS – Demo – Mandi / CrapTeam – 443 pkt.
  5. Nullae – Amiga OCS/ECS – Demo – Wanted Team 411 pkt.
  6. Inspirited – Amiga OCS/ECS – Demo – The Electronic Knights – 409 pkt.
  7. Future Balls – Amiga AGA – Demo – Resistance – 382 pkt.
  8. Coffee – Amiga OCS/ECS – Demo – Y-Crew – 277 pkt.
  9. Applejack Pack 2 – Amiga OCS/ECS – Musicdisk – Void – 237 pkt.

Prizes for award winners of Gamedev Compo

The Retrokomp / Loaderror Team is pleased to announce fresh new prizes for award winners of our compos. As usual, the main prizes for top 3 games of the RetroKomp Gamedev Compo were sponsored by Lotharek:

1. Hydra
2. DivIDE 2k14 for ZX Spectrum
D2k14 - Divide2k14
3. HXC FDD emulator


A Wicher 500i Turbocard for Amiga 500 was donated by its designer Spidi.

Wicher 500i

Another expansion for Amiga 500 Protein turbocard with RAM SIMM and IDE->CF adapter was donated by our RK/LE Team buddy – Cichy.

Users of Amigas with PCMCIA ports should be happy to find a Wi-Fi card, donated by Sir Lucas amongst the prizes.

Concerts on RK/LE 2017 - KATOD & MotionRide!

Koncerty RKLE 2017 [fot. Slayer / Ghostown]

We are very happy to announce, that this year we’ll have two Artists performing live – KATOD and MotionRide! Our guests will appear during both evenings (Friday and Saturday) and we may expect some surprises from them! Below you can find some information about them and some links to enjoy their music, while you wait till the party starts!

Get ready for the blast!

KATOD (KATODmusic) – an electronic musician from Wroclaw. Classic analogue synthesizer sounds connected with a little of chiptune and melodic solos. Live played on Commodore 64 computers, synthesizers and electric guitars.

MotionRide – EDM musician/producer, living near Wroclaw. Sometimes makes instrumental rock. Combines both genres with chiptune. He makes music in so called trackers (both modern and retro ones on computers, such as the Amiga, Atari 65XE, Commodore 64, Atari STE, consoles like Nintendo Game Boy and PC DOS). From time to time, he makes remixes/covers of POP/Rock songs or the ones found in video game soundtracks. He also makes 8/16 bit graphics and animation 8/16 (for example, retro YouTube channel trailers).

You can watch and listen to all of his work on his channel: