RetroKomp Gamedev Compo 2017

RetroKomp Gamedev Compo 2017 – Competition organized by Tfardy (Mateusz Eckert). 2017 edition includes 10 new productions for Amiga, Atari, Sega Megadrive and GameBoy.


  1. „VilQ.Adventure” Axi0maT, Koyot1222, Aceman 332 pts.
  2. „Imbsbru” Proxy 3o7 pts.
  3. „CRAZY.PRIEST.EXTRA” Sordan, Aszu, JMD 3o2 pts.
  4. „BLASK” Mastaszek, Koyot1222, Groovebox 293 pts.
  5. „Openfire” KaiN, Selur, Softiron 267 pts.
  6. „Lumberjack.GB” TMK, Koyot122, JMD 255 pts.
  7. „FAST.FOOD” Jeffrey Johnson 221 pts.
  8. „AMIBOX” Phibrizzo, Leon 22o pts.
  9. „BREATHALYZER” Traq, KK, Kuba, Wieczór 183 pts.
  10. „Gielda” RISC 177 pts.

The last material prize!

Shortly before the party we received another prize (Atari Jaguar SKUNKBOARD) from  Willy/Lamers^ The prize went to the authors of the best non-Amiga game in the RK GameDev Compo. Thanks a lot Willy!!!

Bigger Amiga Executable Competition

LoadError 2017 – Bigger Amiga Executable Competition


  1. Zener Drive – Amiga OCS/ECS – Demo – Altair 580 pkt.
  2. Beam Riders – Amiga AGA – Demo – Ghostown and Haujobb – 558 pkt.
  3. Alien Apparat 80% – Amiga OCS/ECS – Demo – AceMan and Carrion – 488 pkt.
  4. CrapTro 4: Don’t let craptro win the compo – Amiga OCS/ECS – Demo – Mandi / CrapTeam – 443 pkt.
  5. Nullae – Amiga OCS/ECS – Demo – Wanted Team 411 pkt.
  6. Inspirited – Amiga OCS/ECS – Demo – The Electronic Knights – 409 pkt.
  7. Future Balls – Amiga AGA – Demo – Resistance – 382 pkt.
  8. Coffee – Amiga OCS/ECS – Demo – Y-Crew – 277 pkt.
  9. Applejack Pack 2 – Amiga OCS/ECS – Musicdisk – Void – 237 pkt.

Official video-invitation and timetable of RK/LE'17

We are happy to share with you – an official video-invite by Pixel Nation & Ghostown!

Glitchard invites everyone!

RK/LE 2017: Timetable

20.10.2017 (Friday)
09:00 Doors open
17:00 Amiga NG in practice
19:00 Let’s talk about polish games
21:00 Documentary film about polish demoscene „The Art of Overpassing”
22:00 Concert: KATOD!

21.10.2017 (Saturday)
10:00 RetroKomp part open
11:00 Past and present text games for Atari
12:00 «Joystick Crushers» compo start (till 16:00)
12:30 A2 publishing planes
14:00 RK GameDev Compo!
15:00 (DEADLINE for all compos)
17:00 Results and prize-giving of the «Joystick Crushers» compo
17:10 «The founders of the Atari scene in PL», discussion panel with Jakub Husak and Pirx/Our5oft
19:00 RK GameDev Compo results, «RetroKomp Star Award 2017» ceremony
20:00 CompoBlock: 8bit & Amiga
23:xx (after compos) Concert: Motion Ride!

22.10.2017 (Sunday)
10:00 Prize-giving
11:00 Evolution of Musical Modules from 8-bit, through Amiga, until today (NG)
13:00 Doors close

Prizes for award winners of Gamedev Compo

The Retrokomp / Loaderror Team is pleased to announce fresh new prizes for award winners of our compos. As usual, the main prizes for top 3 games of the RetroKomp Gamedev Compo were sponsored by Lotharek:

1. Hydra
2. DivIDE 2k14 for ZX Spectrum
D2k14 - Divide2k14
3. HXC FDD emulator


A Wicher 500i Turbocard for Amiga 500 was donated by its designer Spidi.

Wicher 500i

Another expansion for Amiga 500 Protein turbocard with RAM SIMM and IDE->CF adapter was donated by our RK/LE Team buddy – Cichy.

Users of Amigas with PCMCIA ports should be happy to find a Wi-Fi card, donated by Sir Lucas amongst the prizes.

PIXEL Magazine prizes for best polish pixelers!

As PIXEL Magazine is in polish, this prize is dedicated to polish pixel artists only (sorry). It’s the annual subscription of the magazine plus some special issues of the legendary polish paper mags: BAJTEK and TOP SECRET – for the highest ranked polish entry in 8-BIT PIXEL GRAPHICS COMPETITION and AMIGA GRAPHICS COMPETITION.

Thank you, PIXEL!

Cash prizes in Scene COMPOS!

Today we can reveal a forecast for RK/LE’17 cash prizes in our Scene Compos. Please note, that payments of prizes are subject to certain accounting rules, which are described at and we are inviting our compo participants to get familiar them. Providing an entry for a compo automatically means that you accept these rules. The amounts blow are given in the official Polish currency (PLN), in order of: #1/#2/#3 (1 EUR is approx. 4.3 PLN)








8. TRUE WILD COMPETITION – 250/150/100 (PLN)

In total, the prize pool in our 8 competitions is 7000 PLN (1628 EUR). Please note, that the previous edition rules apply. In short – if there are less than 4 (four) entries in the contest, only the first place prize is paid. Collection of prizes is only possible at the venue, upon receipt (refer to the description of contest rules). If you are sending a remote entry, you may ask someone visiting the party to be your representative, but you need to provide a statement with details of such person (including first & last name, some document details) together with the entry. As the scene Orgas, we can’t send or transfer any money to anyone (sponsor’s requirement).

In the RETROKOMP GAME-DEVELOPMENT COMPETITION, only the material prizes are planned, supplied traditionally by irreplaceable Lotharek, Adam Zalepa and other sponsors supporting the event.

We warmly invite you to participate in all competitions, good luck! 🙂


(*): Important note: The cash prize sponsor and our host (Scena Muzyczna GAK) also has a kind request (and essentially a condition). During Saturday’s „RetroKomp Open Hours” (Saturday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM) alcohol consumption will ONLY be allowed in the catering area. During the opening hours we have visits of families with children as well as local or national media (radio, television, portals). SM GAK is a public institution and of course they must take care of their public perception. In the catering area, there will be a food-truck, benches, tables and heaters. There you will be able to buy some alcohol. During the entire party, we kindly ask you to limit the consumption in the main lobby, just for the safety of the exhibits. During previous editions, there were some unsafe incidents around the valuable devices – we had requests from exhibitors to reduce this risk. We are sure you understand the situation well.

Expected entry prices (tickets!)

All tickets will be available directly at the entrance to the event at SM GAK. There are 3 options:

1. 3 day pass (Friday, 9:00 AM – Sunday, 2:00 PM) – 90 PLN
2. Exhibitor* 3 day pass (Friday, 9:00 AM – Sunday, 2:00 PM) – 45 PLN
3. RK Open Hours Visitor (Saturday only, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) – 5 PLN

Exhibitor is a person who brings at least 3 stationary retro computers or retro consoles, of which at least one set should include a monitor/TV, be able to run and be available to participants (portable computers/consoles do not count).

Participants will be identified by the appropriate IDs and/or bands.

Maybe some music for you?

While you are busy working on your prods, we have something nice to share with you. If you like SID chiptunes or any retro-gaming-inspired instrumental music for that matter, this might be right up your alley. Phillip Gross has released a new album called ‘Katerstimmung’ with 10 tunes that have a strong connection to video games from the 80’s and 90’s.

Although the tunes are not directly related to specific games, Phillip clearly shows from where he gets his inspiration – “I try to keep the SID-soul” says Phillip when we talked to him via email. You can clearly see he is telling the truth by listening to tracks like Vintage Ocean and Fruity Freedom!

Get your free download at and consume the beat, while developing your prod!