RetroKomp GameDev Competition

Again, we have a competition for a best new game for the old platform.


1) We accept entries for the following hardware:

a) Atari XL/XE;

b) Atari ST / Atari Falcon;

c) Amstrad / Schneider CPC;

d) Commodore 64;

e) Commodore 128;

f) Commodore C16/C116/+4;

g) Commodore VC/VIC-20;

h) Commodore Amiga OCS/ECS (500/500+/600/1000/2000/3000);

i) Commodore Amiga AGA (CD32/1200/4000);

j) ZX Spectrum 48kB + AY, ZX Spectrum 128.

2) Platforms other than above, including consoles and own hardware are available on request only; this needs to be submitted as soon as possible.

3) Due to retro character of the party we do not accept entries on PC computers and modern consoles.

4) We reserve a right to use emulators; however this is to be used only exceptionally, in case of very exotic or unavailable platforms.

5) Main part of the competition will take place at RETROKOMP part of our event, where every entry will be presented to the audience.

6) Authors may choose to perform the presentation of their products by themselves or by fully competent and qualified person(s) appointed by the organizers.

7) Depending on the number of entries the time of a single presentation may be limited.

8) Voting will take place after the presentation is completed.

9) Voting is to be done by audience present at the RETROKOMP part of our event.

10) The final deadline for submitting entries is set to 30th September 2018 at 23:59:59 hours.

11) You can submit your entries via e-mail, to the following addreses: and

All contact details are available in the CONTACT section of our website.

12) We require the contributors to provide us the following:

a) The product in a format allowing us to run in both on real hardware and emulator; e.g. ADF in case of Amiga or D64 for C-64 will do the job;

b) Documentation file containing information on author(s), user’s manual and hardware requirements;

c) Several screenshots of the game (minimum 2 are required);

d) Video clip showing the gameplay and game/options menu (if applicable) from the best side; such a clip should be between 3 and 5 minutes long and consist of original video and audio produced by the game (no additional song is allowed as soundtrack etc.).

13) We accept both complete games and playable demo versions.

14) We accept games ported from other platforms; however this is allowed only if the game is replicated accurately and has never been released on a target platform before.

15) Author or authors are obliged to declare if their game is a port.

16) We do not accept games ported with use of SDL library for the Amiga.

17) Code or its fragments, audio and visuals of every entry must be original and made by the persons as credited; it is not allowed to use any materials that were already used elsewhere or materials made by third party persons without their permissions; this does not concern audio and visuals transferred from one platform to another in ports.

18) We do not accept games made with game creation tools like:

a) SEUCK / Sideways SEUCK (Commodore 64);

b) Arcade Game Designer / SEUD (ZX Spectrum);

c) SEUCK (Atari ST/Amiga);

d) Backbone (Amiga);

e) Reality Game Creator (Amiga);

f) Other tools based on the same principles as listed above.

19) All contributors agree to release their entries as FREEWARE.